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2023 Interior Design Trends

2023 is here and everyone is eager to embrace the new year's design trends! As an interior designer, I am already starting to see these trends appear in the industry and for the most part, I'm loving them! Below is my take on new, continued and outdated design trends. I can't wait to implement these in upcoming projects!

New Trends for 2023

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  1. More Fun and Personality! Neutral interiors were all the rage in 2022, but in 2023, expect to see more pattern, color and bold choices. I'm predicting a shift from the transitional style to more modern and glam while remaining informal.

  2. Unexpected Combinations. Rules are about to be broken. Unlikely color and style pairings will become popular with more unique and interesting interiors.

  3. Richer Tones. I'm already starting to see an increase in beautiful, rich color tones. From darker woods to deep reds, greens, blues and golds that will be mixed in with other elements.

  4. Statement Lighting. This will only become more prominent this year with more creative and stunning light fixtures hitting the market. Expect to see lots of artwork-like lighting as interior focal points!

Continued Trends from 2022

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  1. Nature Inspired. Natural elements such as wood and stone will continue into this year with texture remaining a huge trend. I personally hope this one never goes away!

  2. Moody Interiors. Dark and moody offices, kitchens and accent walls have blown up over the past couple years. I'm predicting more moodiness to come, not just in paint colors, but in almost every element from tile to furniture.

  3. Ceiling Features. We can't ignore our ceilings anymore. Wood beams and painted ceilings have made their appearance and I think ceiling features will only get bigger with wood paneling, mouldings and coffered ceilings. This one will definitely be more prominent in higher end homes.

  4. All About That Brass. Unpopular option, brass is timeless rather than a trend. Brass and gold details are not going anywhere and will continue to be seen in cabinet hardware, lighting and as an accent metal.

Outdated Trends

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  1. All White Everything. Neutral interiors done right are classically beautiful. However, it's time to add some color back. All white interiors have run their course. Luckily, this provides a blank canvas that's easy to enhance.

  2. Uniform Styles. Styles such as industrial, farmhouse or traditional alone have become stagnant. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of these styles but don't be afraid to mix 2-3 styles together in your space in 2023. No one is one-sides.

  3. Minimalist Design. I'm talking a bare, monochromatic, Kim K house (look it up). This is no longer chic, but cold and lifeless. I personally love a clean look, but you should not sacrifice detail and personality.

Design trends are changing faster than ever, and they are really only a matter of opinion. Although trends are fun to experiment with and keep in mind, it's important to stay true to you and your personal style. Try adding some trends into things that are easy to change like accent furniture and decor. This is a great way to keep your space exciting and updated without fully committing. Will you be trying any of these trends this year?

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