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7 Things to Look for When Buying a Home

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

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Buying a home is a major life milestone and finding the right one can feel like an impossible decision. There are many factors to consider when house hunting and far too many get overlooked. From purchasing my own home to helping my clients with theirs, I've learned the important things to call out in advance that would otherwise be an afterthought. Below are my top 7 things to look for that might not be on your checklist!

#1 - Space Planning

The specifics of how furniture will precisely fit can come later, but this should be something to keep in mind while touring homes. Consider if each space is large enough to accommodate your needs and the size of your family. If key furniture pieces will be making the move with you, make sure to have those measurements. The living room is a big one!

#2 - Flooring

Flooring gets the most wear and tear in any home. Durability is an important consideration to make and there are differences between every flooring type. Replacing carpet is one of the top updates that new homeowners will make, or even negotiate sellers to cover.

#3 - Mechanicals

The mechanicals of any home are integral to how it operates. Look at the mechanical room and make sure there are no visible concerns. If you aren't sure what to look for, the seller's disclosure is a great indicator. Check out this article listing the average life span of homes, appliances and mechanicals. This is especially important in older homes!

#4 - Exterior Condition

While the interior is typically the main focus, the exterior deserves a closer look. The condition of the siding, roof, deck, yard, etc. are all things that I guarantee you will wish you would have paid attention to after you move in. Take a walk all the way around the outside of the home you're looking at. I try to avoid showings in the dark for this reason!

#5 - HOA

Is there a homeowner's association and what does it cover? Although this may seem like an annoying added monthly fee, consider what it covers and what it would cost you to take care of those things on your own. Typical items covered include lawn care, snow removal, and trash & recycling. Large HOA's may include amenities such as a community pool, club house, or workout facility. Learn more about HOAs here.

#6 - Neighborhood

Exploring your neighborhood and community is something that is generally part of getting settled in. However, it's a good idea to do some exploring before submitting an offer. Drive around the neighborhood to see what it has to offer such as parks, trails and lakes/ponds. Are there sidewalks? Lamp posts? Landscaping? All of this may add or take away from the home that you're interested in.

#7 - Town Attractions

In addition to your neighborhood, getting to know the entire town and what's accessible is worthwhile. Look into nearby restaurants and grocery stores and potentially try them out first. Are you a Target regular like me? I can tell you without looking that my nearest target is exact 18 minutes away. I can work with that!

No home is perfect but it's important to know what you're getting yourself into. Paying attention to these things will not only help you with negotiations but avoid buyer's remorse. If you opt for an inspection, many of these things will be called out. However, it's best to know upfront.

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