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Home Styling for Fall!

Shop my fall fireplace decor here.

Fall is here and there is no better way to embrace the colder season than to bring out the fall decor! If you're anything like me, a beautiful, cozy and welcoming home is the best feeling this time of year. Keep reading for easy styling tips, shoppable accessories and design inspiration for your home!

When it comes to home styling, it is very easy to overthink and overcomplicate things. Below are my tips specific for fall to make it easy for you to transform your home without second guessing!

  1. Color Palette - play off the color scheme you already have! Bring in more muted and earthy tones to warm up your space and mimic the outdoors. Stick to 5-7 colors to avoid being too monotone but still cohesive. See my cozy autumn color palette above for inspo!

  2. Texture - no such thing as too much texture. Mix and match all the different materials such as leathers, knits, stones, woods, etc. As long as you stick to your color palette, you'll end up with a gorgeous, tailored look to your home.

  3. Layers - from pillows, blankets and rugs to decor of all sizes, layering pieces on top of or in front of/behind each other will add so much dimension to your space. Try stacking a couple coffee table books with a decorative piece on top or draping a blanket over the arm of your sofa and adding pillows with different colors and textures to the corner.

  4. Scale - scale is so important to consider and can be somewhat of an art. Adding furniture and decor to fit the space will make or break it. Exaggerated pieces should be intentional. A big cozy accent chair in the corner or an oversized mirror can make a great statement. More often than not, a piece that's too small just won't work. Layer in larger pieces or move items that are too small to a space that they fit better.

Although I firmly believe in investing in the main pieces in your home like your sofa, decor is where you can save and still make your home look complete AND stunning! Two of my favorite places for the best home decor are Target and Amazon. I've curated some of my favorite home decor finds from each that are easy to transition throughout the seasons. Everything is linked in the captions below!

1. Green Velvet Throw Pillow | 2. Boucle Throw Pillow 3. Pampas Grass Bundle |

4. Ribbed Glass Green Vase | 5. Solid Chenille Throw Blanket | 6. Cable Knit Throw Blanket | 7. Tufted Ottoman | 8. Blackened Ceramic Candle Bowl | 9. Hello Doormat | 10. Glass Pumpkin Candle | 11. Crackling Wooden Wick Candle | 12. Ceramic Pumpkins | 13. Wooden Oak Leaf Serving Board | 14. Neutral Stitched Lumbar Throw Pillow | 15. Woven Striped Throw Pillow

1. Patina Modern Coffee Table Book | 2. The Art of Home Coffee Table Book | 3. Travertine Coffee Tabe Book |

4. Sculptural Modern Vases | 5. Fall Eucalyptus Stems | 6. Wood Links | 7. Free Form Edge Ceramic Bowl | 8. Black Candle Stick Holders | 9. Beeswax Candle Sticks | 10. Black Brown Wood Vase | 11. Cashmere Suede Candle | 12. Cinnamon Rolls Candle | 13. Faux Leather Throw Pillow Covers | 14. Woven Wicker Basket | 15. Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

Designs I'm Falling For!

For more fall design and styling inspiration, check out my "fall decor" board on Pinterest. You can also shop my fall favorites on my LTK and Amazon storefront! For a custom experience, reach out to book your design consultation or start a project with Homes by Simmone at!

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