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Where to Start for a Successful Home Remodel

organic modern living room

See more from Homes by Simmone's Organic Modern Tudor project here. Photo credit: Spacecrafting Photography

Taking on a home remodel is no small task. It can be time consuming, tedious, and expensive. But once your home is transformed, it's so worth it! That is IF you do it right. The planning and designing phases are the most important part to ensure your home updates go smoothly. Here is where to start for a successful home remodel!

Step 1: Create a Detailed Budget

This is more than just deciding on an all-in budget of X amount, which can create unrealistic expectations and more often than not will result in going over budget. Although it's important to know how much you're willing to invest in your home, your renovation budget needs to be very detailed. Below are some key items to include. If you're unsure, don't just guess! Do your research and get quotes first. You can even create your budget with a range from low to high, to be your guide.

home remodel budget checklist, permits, materials, labor, interior design

Step 2: Consider Hiring Professionals

I have this as step 2, but many of my clients come to me after realizing they are in over their heads with steps 3 and 4. Home remodels/renovations are incredibly difficult to tackle yourself if you are not a seasoned pro. If it is within your budget, hiring a contractor and interior designer team in the beginning is sure to leave you with a better result in the end and also allow you to have fun with the process. You will be amazed at how much they can take off your plate! Consider the time commitment and level of expertise required before diving into a project.

Step 3: Space Planning

Pinterest inspired concepts are a great starting point, but do they actually apply to your home? Space planning is crucial to make sure your brilliant ideas are tailored to your space. Measure all the widths, heights, and clearances to see how things will fit and determine sizing accordingly. Not only are remodels done to make a home more aesthetic, but it is a huge opportunity to create better overall function as well. Without space planning, you could end up with a bathroom vanity that's too big, a kitchen island too small, or an off-center fireplace. Check out this cheat sheet for remodeling and decorating by Buzzfeed. #14 has common dimensions for space planning!

Step 4: Choose Durable Materials to Fit Your Lifestyle

home remodel finish design board

There are endless options out there for materials like tile, countertops and flooring. Even if that budget is getting tight and you're tempted by the cheaper options, I urge you to think long term. Cheap materials may look okay in the beginning, but they likely won't hold up and will lead to higher maintenance and quicker replacements. Your finish selections should be quality enough to withstand your everyday life with kids, pets and spills. My personal favorites are quartz countertops, luxury vinyl plank flooring, porcelain or ceramic tiles, and nylon carpets. Look at cleanability and durability when making selections!

Deciding to do a home remodel is actually a huge life decision. But every day, people are making the decision to improve their homes and lifestyle. It's amazing what interior design can do and all the untapped potential your home already has! Thinking about starting your own home remodel? Reach out to schedule your interior design consultation with Homes by Simmone!

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