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Designer Lighting Guide

See this statement light shine in my "Feminine Chic Home Office" here

Lighting is by far my favorite thing to add into my projects! If done correctly, lighting can double as artwork and can completely tie a space together or add another element to make things more interesting. I've designed entire spaces around unique light fixtures! There are endless options for lighting, and I know that it can be overwhelming. I see a lot of the same fixtures used repeatedly and although they look great, sometimes you want something more original that gives off that WOW factor! Below are my designer picks for chandeliers, pendants, and flush mounts AND how to use them effectively in your home!


Is there anything more captivating than a gorgeous chandelier? These are the statement makers! Chandeliers are traditionally used above dining tables, but can be used in a variety of other areas such as a living room, stairway, bedroom, office, bathroom and more! Make sure to choose a light fixture with finishes that complement its surroundings but don't be afraid to have it stand out. In a dining room, the chandelier width should be 1/2 to 3/4 the width of the table. If used in a room, pay close attention to the overall height and make sure that there is enough clearance to use it in the desired space.


Pendant lights don't make quite as much of a statement as chandeliers, but they can be just as fun! These are most often seen above a kitchen island. I like to stick to 2-3 pendants and sizing is up to your discretion. Pendants should hit 30"-36" above the countertop and be evenly spaced out. Whether you go for oversized or smaller scale, make sure it's intentional! If you don't have the option to add them above an island, try placing one above your sink instead. In addition to the kitchen, I personally love seeing pendants used in the place of nightstand lamps in bedrooms!

Flush Mounts

I've included semi-flush mounts as these can typically be used interchangeably with flush mounts. These are the ones that you'll want to switch out from the good old "boob lights". You know what I'm talking about! Flush mounts are most commonly used in hallways, bedrooms, laundry rooms and mudrooms. For sizing, I like to double the width in feet and use that as a baseline in inches for my light size. For example, if your laundry room is 6'x6', take 6+6 to get a baseline width of 12" for the light fixture. If your hallway is 4' wide, take 4+4 to get 8" wide. No need to consider the length of the hallway in determining the right light size.

Choose What Works for You

Lighting is an easy way to elevate a space at any price point. Wayfair and Amazon are great places to start for more basic and affordable lighting (just pay close attention to quality and maintenance). However, if you are looking to invest in quality and truly one-of-a-kind pieces, I highly recommend working with an interior designer! As a designer, I have access to hundreds of exclusive, trade-only vendors that I am able to obtain for my clients. Overall, it depends on your budget and the look that you're going for!

For more lighting recommendations, check out the "lighting" sections of my LTK and Amazon storefront! For a custom experience, reach out to book your lighting consultation or start a project with Homes by Simmone!

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